Space Lapse

Space Lapse / The Circumvention of Possibilities

collaborations with Sinta Werner,
wood, paper, photocopies, The WYE PLATFORM Gallery, Berlin




The work of Werner and Wüste transforms architectural space into a playful point of entry for the consideration not only of sculptural principles but also the meaning of space, place and perception as a time-based experience.

The central work featured in Space Lapse—The Circumvention of Possibilities evokes the force and effect of transparency by recreating one of the central architectural features of the gallery, a large glass vitrine dividing the showroom from the corridor, as a stand-alone object which disrupts the traditional sight-lines of the gallery in subtle and remarkable ways using collaged photographs mounted on the replica vitrine.

Inspired by the refractory effect of the tesseract, that fourdimensional analog of the cube, Werner and Wüste expand the physical space of the gallery into the fourth dimension through the locus of the replicated vitrine. Multiple perspectives are proposed, revealed and renegotiated by the viewer as s/he contemplates the installation, unifying the experience of time, place and space.Enhancing the subtle spatial interruptions proposed by the primary installation, two wall-based objects presented alongside the vitrine also engage thoroughly with the ideas of superimposition, refraction and displacement.
(Hannah Nelson-Teutsch)