Gewässer des Irrtums

Waters of Fellacy
various granite boulders, partly polished

Nature is a permanent feature of the stone sculptures. Prefereably, the work with granite, a hard and heavy rock. In this age its noble appearance falls more and more in oblivion. The artist is far from taking the stones crude beauty through overused sculptural refinement. The work, Waters of Fellacy, has a direct reference to the region around Reichenbach Monastary, where the river Murg has sought its way through the valley. In the type of an objet trouvé, eight boulders have been cut horizontal, polished and then placed in the space like in a river bed. Some of the boulders still wear a layer of moos. Despite of the naturalness the ironic irritating character of the work remains obvious. The water lack and at the same time it reflect fictional presence in the cut surfaces.